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Rethink Everything…

And get the Personal, Professional and Family help you need to thrive and succeed!

What if You Could Rethink Your Life in a Brand New, Innovative Way?


I’ve found the key to successfully navigating life is based on our ability to think from a new place. This approach creates possibilities wherever you look answering the questions:


  • How Successful Can You Be?
  • What Could Happen to the Expansion of Your Career?
  • What Kind of Success Could You Bring to Your Family Business?
  • What Kinds of Relationships Could You Create?
  • How Could Your Family Relationships Improve to Protect Your Wealth?


Unleashing Your Potential

After 20 years of working with clients to discover, uncover and ignite their inner power, confidence and abilities, I’ve learned the secret to real and meaningful transformation…

It’s knowing the specific and predictable mechanism that drive your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Once you learn what drives you, you unleash the power to create more success, fulfillment and money in your life!

Once you identify your specific and predicable drives, you begin to recognize when you can and cannot trust your thinking or emotions.

Holy Cow! I Can’t Trust my Thinking or my Emotions?

There is a human phenomenon, which occurs when we are feeling intense emotion such as being overwhelmed, trapped, abandoned or betrayed. When we are tired and stressed, we are even more vulnerable. I call this our “Stress Style.” This style, which can override our rational thought process, is run by our primal nervous system. It causes us to shift into unhealthy and negative “states of mind.” We act out, saying and doing things contrary to our best interest, oftentimes doing a lot of damage to our family, our careers and ourselves.


Building Something New

We often fight what we don’t want in our lives. We do this by worrying about it all the time. This keeps us stuck where we don’t want to be.

Where we want to be is building something new.


Together we Will Build the Following 3 Areas of Your Life:

  • Your Personal State of Contentment With Yourself and Your Life
  • Money Wealth, Job Satisfaction and Career Fulfillment
  • Your Relationships with Loved Ones, Partners, Spouses and Family


Research has shown that 1% of the Most Intelligent Part of the Population Seeks the Help of an Advisor

This is something I had noticed in my own practice. Why is this? Because in order to solve problems, a person must be willing to look at their situation in unique ways. Let me give you an example…

One of my clients was unhappy in her love life. The man she had been with for 7 years was clear that he never wanted to get married. She loved him and wanted him to commit while what he wanted was his freedom.

Using my coaching model, we helped her unblock the areas within her own mind that were holding her frozen with no possibility. I helped her understand her own “Signature” expressive style and his.

This allowed her to not only see her blocks but also,through training, actually dissolve and release them from her life.

Her thinking changed. Clarity caused her to accept that he would never commit. The clarity gave her courage to break it off and within 1 year she met the man of her dreams.  This man was eager to commit and they now have a happy marriage and a fulfilling life.

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Helping Your Career

Jane was a dental assistant making 38k per year. She never finished college and felt that this was holding her back. She had also been dating a man she really didn’t like very much for several years.

Her father sent her to see me after he had experienced the Rethink Everything Coaching model.

Through this program he became aware of subtle and unrealized beliefs, communication patterns, problem solving strategies and feelings of unworthiness that were interfering with his ability to apply his actual brain power and potential.

As he used the model he began to naturally climb up the ladder of success to ultimately become the number 1 salesman of the year out of a sales staff of 400.

Over the next few years, his financial portfolio grew from 150k per year to a net worth of over 15 million.

When he saw his daughter struggling with limitation in every area of her life, he sent her to me.  As Jane spoke it became clear that she too suffered from subtle but very powerful limiting internal influences that were creating outcomes that were not serving her life.

She realized that feelings of low self-esteem and unworthiness were limiting her earning capacity. These feelings were causing her to settle in every area of her life.  As she began to uncover how the subtle forms of self-sabotage were affecting what she required from her boyfriend, her friends and even her boss, it opened her up to new ways of seeing herself and her life. She began rethinking everything.

This life and relationship coaching helped her let go of the relationship patterns that weren’t serving her.  As her real brainpower and emotional strength aligned, her potential was finally set free to direct her life. As a result, she too began to rise.

She went back to school and completed her college degree.  She then quit her job as a dental assistant and went into sales following the footsteps of her father. In a few years, she was earning 200K per year. She met the man of her dreams and is now happily married.


How is This Possible?

Every human being has a Signature Profile. That includes you and me. When you understand your style, you will also understand your particular and unique:

  • Gifts
  • Talents
  • Strengths

What’s fascinating about the Rethink EverythingTM Coaching Training Model is that each style is unique in how they limit themselves in life when stressed, fearful or in self-doubt. By identifying your style, you learn customized strategies to address your life situations, uniquely. When you are able to identify your “Stress Style”, you can short-circuit your blockages- clearing the space for innovative thinking, authentic expression and communication breakthroughs. Now you’re cooking with gas!


Don’t Let Your Limiting-Self Limit Your Life

When you are old enough to have seen your “limiting-self “ sabotage your life a few times, you know how prudent it is to address the situation before it gets out of hand.


The Next Step is Taking Charge of What You Communicate to the World!

Once you are adept at understanding your own style you learn to access the best parts of yourself. You learn not to allow your “Stress Style” to derail you. Now, you have enormous amounts of personal power to take charge of your outcomes and influence your world!

Suddenly your work, family and love relationships become a canvas upon which you paint the details of your life with an assortment of colors, flavors and experiences steeped in success, prosperity and health.

Now, you can build trust in all of your relationships.

Now, you will have powerful tools to help you understand and motivate key employees, negotiate pay increases, close sales, diffuse conflicts, and build loyal teams. You no longer react to others. You respond. You’re in control!


Turning Your Brain On

Years of working with people have allowed me to see miracles in my client’s lives. It all starts when they are able to turn their brains on and rethink within a larger context- using a road map to understand whatever challenge faces them.

 They understand that everything they create in their life is a product of their organic thoughts and aptitudes combined with their ability to go after what they want. The foundation for everything we seek to create is our internal sense of worthiness and self-esteem. This includes having advanced social, negotiation and relationship skills.


My Clients are Forward Thinking Visionaries

They generally have an attitude toward life that if something isn’t the way they want it to be, “it is up to me to get new understanding, perspective and skills so that I can get in charge of my circumstances.”

The typical person opts for the “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” approach to dealing with their challenges. They delay getting the modification training they need because they don’t know what they don’t know. Instead, they wait until their behaviors cause them, and those they love, a great deal of inner pain and outer turmoil.

The clients that have the most success and the most transformation do not wait until “something is broken” in their lives. These clients understand that in order to reach their potential and reach their goals they need to learn to master themselves.


Donna Will Help You Rethink Your Life!

My Life Has Shown Me What Is Truly Possible When Blockages Are Removed

When I was much younger I had a great deal of trouble reading in school. I thought I was dumb because I couldn’t make good grades. My family business caused my parents to work long hours and I felt the stress this put on all of my brothers and sisters. All of these challenges prevented me from connecting to any kind of dream for my life.

Then I had a high school teacher who, while I was in her class, contracted 4th stage breast cancer. She became my mentor and life coach for the remaining 5 years of her life. I spoke with her about my grades and she would say, “Donna, no one knows what you are capable of. Even the tests don’t know what your real intelligence is. Only you know what you’re real intelligence is and its up to you to bring it to the world.”

It was through her life coaching that I learned to “Turn my Brain On.”


The Power of Rethinking Everything

Have you ever spoken to a friend about a problem you were having and had an “insight” that created a breakthrough?

Then with the same you, the same brain, the same body, you started doing things differently and PRESTO, you got a brand new result. That is what I call “Turning the Brain on.”

After listening to my teacher, suddenly, my own thinking began to change. I found I had a completely different motivation to live my life. It created a brand new way of thinking in order to face the challenges of my life.

I now had a thirst for learning. I drove an hour every morning in a beat up old car to a junior college where, with tutoring, I learned to read. Within that semester, I received the first two A’s of my life.  This gave me the courage to continue. I received financial aid and enrolled in a major university.

By the time my mentor passed away at the age of 41, I had graduated with a master’s degree. I became a counseling coach because I wanted to pay it forward. In a few short years I had become a best-selling author of my first book, “You Can’t Quit Til’ You Know What’s Eating You.” I learned how incredibly valuable it is having someone in your corner who can awaken you to what is possible.


My Gifts Benefit Your Bottom Line

My unique method is based on a special ability I have developed over my lifetime.  I connect with your Invisible Operating System(IOS)TM. Your IOS™ is locked in place by a lifetime of experiences that created specific strengths and areas of easy expression as well as areas of restriction, avoidance or fearful ways of communicating.

Your IOS is controlled by your unconscious mind and nervous system.  Once you start learning it’s language, everything becomes possible! 

Personal growth and transformation are the key foundation for life’s evolution. This work directly improves your relationships with work, love, family, career and money.


Blockages Prevent from You Being Free

Everyone has patterns of behaviors, specific ways of thinking and habitual feelings. Some of these patterns are fantastic and create great success and love. Others can invisibly sabotage your efforts and cause much pain.  We call these blockages.


Blockages Cause Imbalance and Lack Of Fulfillment

You can have blockages to obtaining money, success, healthy love and family relationships.

 We Will Help You Release Blockages and Create Powerful Ways to Rethink any Circumstance.


You will learn how to reach others with highly advanced communication skills so you can:

  • Enhance Your Career
  • Become the Number One Salesperson of the Year
  • Create the Love Relationship You Desire
  • Grow Your Family Business
  • Get the Love Back in Your Marriage
  • Stop Your Family From Feuding
  • Protect Your Family legacy and Wealth

How Much Money Are Your Blocks Costing You?

Jerry saw himself as a quarterback for his sales team. He worked long hours toiling away as manager for his company.  He put in more time, more hours and had higher numbers than anyone on his team. Yet, when the sales manager position came open he was passed over for Bill. He thought it was unfair but had no idea he had anything to do with the reason he was passed over. Being a strong person, he never asked anyone for help. His thinking cost him 100K in that year alone.

The problem with the human ego is that it’s a “no-it-all.” Have you ever listened to your spouse or your best friend talk about her job, love or family business problems? You can see the role your friend is playing is creating her problem. You might even be able to see how she could fix it but the problem is that since you are her friend; she won’t listen to you or take your advice. You feel powerless to help.

This blindness and inability to see self is part of the human condition.

Eventually, Jerry’s wife brought him in to see me.  Once he began to understand that coming in didn’t mean “something was wrong” with him.” It meant he was smart enough to know what he did not know and get the training and skills to fix it.

In session, he began to learn about the subtle signals he was sending out on the job, beyond his awareness that were turning people off. He understood that he was passed over because, although he had the skills to be a great leader and generate great sales numbers, his co-workers saw him as aggressive, angry and bossy. He realized people didn’t see him as a team player. He also learned how his body language, vocal patterns and verbal cues had been sending a clear “you’re an idiot signal” to anyone in his path.

Jerry committed to an intensive coaching training counseling program and over the next 6 months, his relationships at work began to improve. Over the next two years his numbers increased, the loyalty of his co-workers improved and they began seeking him out for guidance. Ultimately, he was promoted and well on his way in the leadership roll he wanted. By this time, his income had tripled.

Experience has shown me that those who make the most money and have the most success often invest the most in advisors to keep them ahead in the game of life.

Get the Love you Desire in Your Relationship

Julie loved her fiancé but they fought all the time.  She was tired and thinking of leaving him. Nancy had been married for two years and seeing a relationship coach for 6 months. They fought every session and were on the verge of divorce.

Both couples were using all the skills they had available to them to get the love they wanted. The problem was that they did not possess the in-depth education or skills they needed to truly understand themselves. They did not have a model to understand how to connect with their loved one, negotiate, deal with conflict resolution or build the intimacy they desired.

Both women came in for help. Julie learned that she was causing more of the conflicts than she realized. Julie was very close, too close to her mother. Every time her husband said something about drawing some boundaries, Julie would take her mother’s side. This enraged her fiancé because he didn’t feel like she had his back. Her mom never intended on coming between then. After coaching, Julie learned a whole new way of being that honored her fiancés’ needs while allowing her to have a close relationship with her mom. Their love relationship deepened, they married and have two children.

Nancy brought her husband in and together they learned all the things they were doing that accidentally created conflict between them. As they learned the skills they needed to build intimacy, trust and harmony their marriage relationship deepened. One day Nancy called and said, “Donna, I love my husband again. We are having another baby!”


Its About Knowing Your Unique Style

Everyone has habitual thinking, behaving and communication patterns. Some of these thinking patterns serve our lives in amazing ways.  They make our families strong. They build trust with others. They make us great employees and great with loved ones and friends.

But all human beings have two sides. There is the side that is open, proactive, and reaches out for the best life has to offer. There is another side that may be afraid, insecure, unworthy or downright self-sabotaging.

This other side is often the part that creates frustration, limitation, failure and stagnation.

There’s a unique style to your communication that conveys more than the words you say to everyone around you. Your primal nervous system transmits the blockages hidden inside of you to create unconscious behaviors that cause you problems, stress, pain and dysfunction.


Advance Your Career

Who uses my services?

  • Executives Having Trouble in Their Love Life
  • Sales People Interested in Improving Their Ability to Close
  • Families with Businesses
  • Feuding Families
  • Conflict resolution
  • Executives interested in personal and professional advancement

Be Ahead of Every Conversation

Understanding how your inner language works not only helps to create a more harmonious life but also helps you to understand how to reach people.

Every conversation has nuances and every person is always giving off more information then they are aware of. These hints and clues help you to know the best way to reach them whether it is to close a sale or to avoid escalating a situation before it gets out of hand.

Through many years of learning and working with clients, I have identified 5 specifics types of people. I call these Signature Profiles and they are talked about in my book, “The Passion Principle: Discover Your Personal Passion Signature and the Secrets to Deeper Relationships in Love, Life and Work”.


Identifying the 5 Signature Profiles

In this Rethink Everything™ program, we can work with you individually, as a couple or even on the job as a team. In this training, you will receive an in-depth understanding of how your area of growth is related to:


  • Your Profile
  • Your Signature Gifts
  • Your Communications
  • How Your Stressed Type Blocks Your Outcomes
  • How to Unblock Yourself And Express Your Passion in the World


  • How Others Relate to You
  • What Motivates Them to Act in Your Favor
  • What Opens Them to You
  • What Causes Them to Shut Down
  • How you can use the gifts of your Passion Signature to build trust and long lasting relationships

The First Step is Learning your Signature Profile

When you identify your “type” and understand how to unblock your body and mind, you will learn how to create the outcomes that actually cause your life to move forward in all the ways you want.

You will directly experience how unlocking the real potential living within, you are free to see life in new and creative ways. That’s when your destiny becomes brand new.


We Work On:

  • Increasing Your Money Making Potential
  • Releasing Blockages in Nervous System
  • Making the Unconscious Work for You
  • Preventing Your Relationships From Turning into a Replica of Mom’s and Dad’s Relationship
  • Helping you Realize your Love Worth

Transformation in Action


Man in Love

Joe came to me in his 50’s. He was struggling with making peace with his past. He had been married 3 times. He loved his wife but he confessed, “I wish I had gotten the help I needed to stay with the person I loved first. She was my soul mate but we didn’t know how to deal with our challenges constructively, so our fights became impasses and ultimately we divorced. I didn’t know how to value what I had. Now 15 years later I realize we had something very special and I wish I had had the wisdom to reach out and get some help.

So many times our fantastic patterns choose the love of our lives only to have the blockages prevent us from keeping this love. The longer we are in a love relationship, the more the nervous system tries to make this relationship fall into patterns that are familiar- like our parent’s relationship.

Over time the conflicts build as well as the distance and that’s the reason people who truly love one another don’t end up staying together.


Families in Business

Every time I sit down with my brother’s and sister’s to have a board meeting about the family businesses we start feuding. Even though we are in our 60’s, we fight like teenagers for mom and dad’s attention. This last year we lost over 250 thousand dollars because we can’t agree on anything and our customer’s are seeing our family dysfunction.”

Your family business can be easily transformed through our special program called the Family Network MethodTM.


The Family Network Method™

Oftentimes, the entire family and their family wealth are held hostage by worn out childhood patterns of communication and conflict resolution. This negatively affects business and growth on all levels.

In the Family Network Method, you learn skills to collapse old, worn-out, communication patterns and bring alignment

so that the family legacy, business and wealth are protected.

Working with family issues and family businesses can be challenging because it is almost impossible to get all the family members in the same room at the same time.

The good news is that I have a tried and true method to work with the entire family through one person. The beauty of this program is that you can be empowered with skills that do not require all family members to be present during training.

One person receives training in advanced conflict resolution and team building, and brings the skills to the family to be taught to each family member.  Then, everyone is on the same page and is aware of what is expected of them within the realm of communication.


The Power of the Family Network MethodTM

Through training, Joe learned to identify each family member’s Signature Profile. This training gave him the ability to diffuse the conflicts keeping the entire family apart. He was taught to unlock his own limitations and become a superior negotiator and conflict resolution expert.

The results: after 2 years the family business not only regained its seasonal platform making back their 250K but the family was able to come together and sell the family business for 65 million!


It’s time for you to RETHINK EVERYTHING!

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