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Life Coaching

What if living a healthy, happy, satisfying life free of anxiety, insecurity, anger, resentment, self-doubt, and fear were was truly possible? What if this kind of life could be easily accessed? What if the only thing you needed were the right tools? In this solution-oriented life coaching, you will quickly learn exactly what those tools are, and precisely how to use them to resolve issues within yourself, your health, and in your relationships at home and at work.

It's a simple yet powerful approach to resolving problems by shifting perspectives from a stuck, fearful, angry, and limited state to an "out-of- the-box" perspective, in which you will find the answers you need to resolve any situation and move on.

This approach is described as an innovative, solution-oriented, cognitive, (and at times spiritual) approach to resolving personal, relationship and work related issues. If you are ready for life coaching turned on its edge this is for you. If you feel as if your life should be fuller, richer, and more joyful, but don’t know how to take the next step, I can help.

I truly enjoy helping people resolve their anxiety about themselves, their health, finances, relationships, family, etc. I also enjoy executive coaching and enabling executives to master their work environments with important skills like how to “find the right words for important conversations” handle office politics and become skillful at conflict resolution.

As a licensed psychotherapist I have spent over 25 years studying subconscious drivers and what gets in the way of success. I enjoy using this depth of knowledge along with solution oriented life coaching and executive coaching to do solution driven personal growth work for breakthrough success.

Using “out of the box thinking” you can learn to resist the temptation to distract yourself with fear, petty arguments, insecurities and your defenses. Instead, you will learn to bring those you love closer and focus on how to achieve what you want from life and your job. In our work, you will discover how to resolve the fears and doubts that so pervade your thoughts.

Then you can understand who you truly are, and how to have a meaningful and fulfilling life. Rather than focusing on why and how you might have become “damaged” or develop symptoms, this approach offers a way to resolve even the most challenging issues. When a person shifts their perspective to one beyond the constraints of their history, what is left is an individual who is satisfied and fulfilled in their relationships, work, and in simply being alive. You are then free to achieve and excel in all areas of their life.

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