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If your relationship is having growing pains, you are not alone. Do you find yourself sleeping on opposite sides of the bed, lacking the emotional connection you crave, lost in rounds of fighting or cycles of hot and cold? If so it’s not too late to find love again. There is help.

When your relationship hurts or is distant or when you can’t get through to your partner it can take the joy out of your life. You feel distracted at work. You may try to find the right words but nothing comes out right. You end up being hurt and misunderstood. You don’t feel heard and can’t figure out how you got “here.” You may remember when you used to get along, have fun, have great sex, and made each other happy.

What happened?

The problem feels complicated but the solution isn’t. As a long time relationship therapist I know that the most important missing ingredient to success in love and marriage is usually lack of understanding your partner’s personality and innermost hopes and the tools of good communication to touch them where they need it.

We get training in everything else we do, yet, when it comes to the relationships that matter most - our love relationships -
we get no training at all.

Couples who love each other sometimes don’t end up together because they don’t understand each other’s personality type. Each of these types has completely different needs and feelings and we may not know how to navigate the differences in our partner.

One type needs to feel more freedom; while another needs more reassurance. One type can easily feel trapped: while another is very sensitive to being abandoned. One type gets passive-aggressive; while another lashes out.

As an intuitive psychotherapist and relationship coach, I’ve worked with thousands of women and men to help them get their love relationship back on track. The best part is that you don’t need to bring you spouse or love interest with you to the session. Marriage counseling can be done with only one spouse and often has amazing effects on the marriage.

If you are deeply concerned about your relationship and at the same time, uncertain how to talk to your partner about it or how to help them engage in this process, please, don’t worry about that. I can work with you alone. When you get the secret sauce and learn what will help your loved one feel connected, heard, cared for and loved, along with specific conflict diffusing tools for your partner’s personality type, you will be amazed how quickly you will receive emotional nourishment from your partner and return to love.

In this positive, proactive coaching approach to marriage and couples counseling, you – or both of you - will learn how to use these tools, how to avoid the top 5 escalators of conflict and apply simple, in-depth communication skills so you will feel heard, get your needs met and build a strong bond of trust between you. You will learn how to take your intimacy deeper and experience the relationship harmony you crave.

One woman, whose marriage had stalled and was on the verge of divorce, came for marriage counseling. Her husband refused to come. This didn’t turn out to be a problem.

Once she began to understand her husband’s personality type and their different needs and feelings she had brand new insight into their relationship. She realized she was accidentally escalating their arguments. In our marriage counseling sessions, she got the secret keys to make her relationship a success. With this new understanding she stopped reacting and began responding and she felt the connection again. Her partner did too.

In this therapeutic/educational approach to couples counseling, you will receive advanced tools so you can help your relationship.
You will:

* Understand the personality profile of your loved one
* Have specific tools and techniques to create connection
* Communicate and go deeper with your partner
* Meet each other’s needs
* Listen to each other with a brand new way of understanding
* Resolve conflicts and get the love you want
* Read between the lines and get what you partner is really saying.

You will get the easy “scripts” you can use to diffuse conflict and be understood. You will learn how to help your partner open up to you and get the intimacy you crave. You will learn how to keep communicating long term so your partner stays open to you.

Please call for a session today. Let me see how I can help you.